Women’s Missionary Union- WMU

The goal of the WMU is to involve women and children in learning about missions and discovering their responsibility in sharing the love of Christ.

Women and children: 1. pray for missions 2. engage in mission action 3. learn about missions 4. give to missions 5. develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle 6. participate in the work of the church

Women on Missions Groups:

  1. Koinonea- Meets 2nd Monday of every month at 7pm
  2. Maranatha- Meets 4th Thursday of every month at 7 pm
  3. New Hope- Meets as needed for special projects
  4. Agape- Meets 1st Thursday of every month at 1pm

Children Missions Groups:

  1. Mission Friends
  2. RA’s
  3. GA’s

(Please visit our Children’s Ministry Page for meeting times of the Children’s Mission groups.)